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Sunday, September 9, 2007

I am the master of public transit

Really, I am.

Here is the rundown of yesterday:

Wake up, have breakfast, go get on 9am Caltrain to SF.

Get off at the 4th and king station, and walk up and grab the 38 Geary bus.

Get off at 6th and Geary. Walk up to Clement.

Buy 5 books and a map at Green Apple for 13 dollar. Buy 2 more books for 4 bucks at the crazy warehouse store.

Get on the 38 and head back to downtown.

Setup the wireless on an iMac at the apple store and futz online for 10 minutes.

Look at expensive CDs at Virgin Megastore.

Read for a bit in the park area between Metreon and SFMOMA.

Go see Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix in Imax 3d. The first scene in the movie was great in Imax.
The 3d sequence near the end was a bit silly. The movie dragged a little bit, but it was fairly solid. I think it was 11 out of 14 rabbit turds.

Get on a Metro Streetcar and go to the Mission.

Pick up the book I couldn’t find at Green Apple at borderlands. I didn’t see Ripley this time :/.

Walk up Valencia and get some food and a couple of beers at Zeitgeist. It was a warm and sunny day, so it was very happening.

Decide that I am too lazy to sit and wait for the 7pm Caltrain, so walk down to the BART station. While in the station, reading, a woman sat down near me with a small dog in her messenger bag. The puppy seemed to be very interested in getting out of the bag. I chatted with her a bit about her dog. Take BART to Millbrae.

Hop on the Samtrans Bus down El Camino to home.

All this was over by 7:10PM. Jam packed day.

Oh yes, I am the master of public transit!

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