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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Moving bits and bots

Still left:

* I got my headboard today, and its donut holes (small cubic shelves i am going to use for my surround sound speakers). Bed frame sitll on back order

* TV – I called Eaglgl today, the carrier amazon chose. After going in a circle in the phone system, I finally found someone who can help me. THey said “OK< we have it at our dock in SF. We can set up a delivery time now - how about Saturday" "Yes" was my reply. THey asked my contact number, and I havethem my cell. They told me they already had that. I have to wonder why they didn't call ME to schedule the delivery time. * Dresser - I need to get one. Westelm sells a spiffy one that goes nicely with my bed. But it is $600. I can probably pay a lot less at scandinavian designs. I can use the square shelves ot match the wood a bit. * MOre unpacking - I got my desk on tuesday, along with my sofa (yay! I totally slept on it most of last night.) I haven't taken the computer off the table yet, and I haven't hooked up the MAc or freebsd box. So I need to do that. Plus open up about 6 more boxes of random computer and desk stuff. * FIle cabinet - I nee to get one. Or possibly a combo office cabinet with file drawer. We'll see. * Buy food - almost no food in the apartment. I made french toast this morning while waiting for the headboard. I bought maple syrup at safeway last night. YUmmmm! * Buy microwave and toaster oven - see above.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The move is over. I am in the new place now. Actually I am at work. There is no internet connectivity at the new apartment. Hopefully that will be rectified today at some point.

I ended up calling in sick to work yesterday. Sunday was about the most draining day ever, and I just didn’t have the energy to get up and go to work. This was good, because I slept in a bit, then spent the day organizing, putting together furniture, unpacking, and buying things that I need. Man, I am so sick of Target. I keep having to go back there, because I forgot “one last thing.”

Still left to do:

* Finish putting together the stupid Ikea Kitchen Cart thing. Those Swedes were too clever by, well, a bunch, when they designed this thing. Their idea of how the top should attach to the legs is just insane. I was tempted last night to throw it in the back of the Forester, drive to EPA and say “What the heck is this? Who thought that this way of fastening parts was reasonable. (I’d explain it, but, well, let’s just say that it is better left to your imagination.)

* Finish unpacking – Everything save for some clothes, books, cds and dvds. On target for tonight is the kitchen stuff. Also the computer stuff, since I should have my DSL hooked up today

* Organize – while the media/books are almost all unpacked and shelved, they are very haphazard now.

* Clean – The whole place will need a good vacuuming. Thankfully, I had a 20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to help towards the purchase of a fancy new vacuum cleaner!

* Use the fireplace – because I have one and can. Assuming I go out and buy some Duraflame logs. I already bought some fireplace matches!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I am going to be moving. I don’t know the exact date that I will move, but my stuff is moving this coming sunday. To San Mateo, on the Burlingame border.

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