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Friday, August 31, 2007


I woke up this morning, rolled over to the laptop, and typed this up (yes my typing is worse than normal here):

Fri Aug 31 07:00:04 2007
<nyar> ph god
<nyar> weird dream
<nyar> i woke up at like 4:30
<nyar> to pee
<nyar> and was warm so i had trouble sleeping
<nyar> i put on the mythbusters superhero show from tivo
<nyar> well i fell asleep and it TOTALLY infected my dream
<nyar> and in it
<nyar> they used SLIME MOLDS to steal from their arch enemy
<nyar> because slime molds could move prettty fast and aslo sort of have f
<nyar> and were fucking creepy
<nyar> BUT they had a wrangler who discovered thst they love money, espevc
ially coins
<nyar> so they snuck them into a rich womans house via hiding them in choo
late teddy bear shells
<sdanon1> haha
<nyar> and the slimes broke out and ran around the house stealing money
<sdanon1> i have that recorded, i should watch it
<nyar> and the mythbusters and wranglers were on the roof
<nyar> using mirrors to watch stuff happen
<nyar> and eventually the rich woman enemy found outthat she was infested
and called someone to get rid of them
<nyar> but someone the wrangler’s brother was the one she fcalled so he su
cked up all ther slimers
<nyar> and they cleared over 1200 dollars
<nyar> in coins and some misc jewerly when they sorted out the m,oney from
the slime
<nyar> and it turns out
<nyar> as long as they each got 5 pennies
<nyar> the slimes were happy
<nyar> (shiny pennies)
<nyar> iw ish this was real
<nyar> but man
<nyar> what an od dream
<nyar> OHHH
<nyar> soi woke up to an auction show on my tv
<nyar> which was stil on
<nyar> a few minutes ago
<nyar> and i had integrated that in as they were AUCTIONING OFF the items
they stole

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

LiveJournal auto-post

Saturday I went to the The San Francisco Photography Meetup meeting. This was actually very interesting, and there was nothing super scary I didn’t know about hiding in there. THankfully, angioma resection is easy, since they have a clear outline, an the damage done in the surgery was jut taking out all the crap that had already damaged by brain and cause a bunch of scar tissue to dorm. Therefore, I work jsut as good as Ti Couz in SF. They have a nice and varied menu, so just about anyone can find something. And their fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice combo is delicious.

Sakae – A sushi bar. I ignored this place for a long time, because it was a dive. Boy was I wrong. My favorite sushi place, evar. Oh, it’s not at all cheap, but it is close. They sold me my Macbook Pro, which I love. And some speakers that look… well… interesting. And a bluetooth keyboard. A+!

Burlingame Radioshack – Closest place to get something to eat, a funny thing happened. A young mother, pushing a stroller, was walking behind me, chatting on her cell phone. SHe was telling whoeve she was speaking to about her kid’s milestones:

“He got his first tooth in”
“Yesterday he ate his first solid food’
“Oh! And he had his first little boner. At least the first one I saw. I was changing his diaper and I was a bit saddened that it didn’t come with rice, as the menu seemed to imply. However, it came with some excellent hummus, slightly salty but tasty baba ghanoush, and a large bag of rice. Oh, meat is on sale one week:

<todd> Safeway has tri-tip for $3.49/lb this week, with a coupon for $5 off a minimum purchase of $20. That’s almost 6lbs of beef for $15.

Suddently your dinners get a lot more interesting. You can also buy the 18count package of eggs when they are on sale for really cheap:

<dpk2> yeah, safeway online has 60 eggs for $7.49. thatsalotta eggs.

Yes, I just would have spent over a weeks worth of food dollars. But I have protein to last me ALL MONTH. I also notice that sweetcorn is on sale, 10 ears for 2 bucks. You can freeze corn. This might even be cheaper than buying a bag of frozen niblets. Etc, I’m sure I can find lots more examples.

Here’s my point- living on $21 for food a week would suck. However, it’s not quite as dire as the politicians are making it out to be, for anyone with half a brain. It would be dull, and repetitive, but not necessarily completely devoid of nutrition.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Simpson’s Movie

I saw the Simpson’s Movie tonight. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I mean, everyone I know who’d seen it said it was quite good. But the TV show has been so awful the past few years. Well, they did the movie right. It wasn’t just a 3x longer than normal episode. It was a well integrated movie. And the funny parts weren’t all in the trailers. 9 out of 10 rabbit turds!.

Also, 1 rabbit turd is given to the Alvin and the Chipmunks preview, since it featured eating of chipmunk turds. -1 rabbit turds to Fred Claus preview for being so awful.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Insurance Companies Suck (even if they do end up doing the right thing)

I got a letter in the mail when I got home at 10:30 last night. It was from Blue Cross. It stated more or less:

The following services were determined to be not medically necessary:

Central motor evoked potential study – upper limbs
Central motor evoked potential study – lower limbs

We will not pay!

Meh. So they don’t want to pay for not paralyzing me eh? I was a bit mad, so I called them up ASAP (thankfully they have people there 24 hours…). I tell them I want to file an appeal. They ask me for what. And I tell them “for the claim you deemed not medically necessary”. “Which claim is that?” I describe it, and look it up, and it turns out it was paid 5 days before the letter was sent out. Why? Because one hand wasn’t talking to the other. So they mixed their signals. I told them “this is pretty embarrassing for you guys, but thanks for paying”, and hung up.

So, they caused me needless stress – luckily for only 15 or so minutes.


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Thursday, August 2, 2007


Last night I went night time shooting in Chinatown with the The San Francisco Photography Meetup group. Here is my output.

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