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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Moving bits and bots

Still left:

* I got my headboard today, and its donut holes (small cubic shelves i am going to use for my surround sound speakers). Bed frame sitll on back order

* TV – I called Eaglgl today, the carrier amazon chose. After going in a circle in the phone system, I finally found someone who can help me. THey said “OK< we have it at our dock in SF. We can set up a delivery time now - how about Saturday" "Yes" was my reply. THey asked my contact number, and I havethem my cell. They told me they already had that. I have to wonder why they didn't call ME to schedule the delivery time. * Dresser - I need to get one. Westelm sells a spiffy one that goes nicely with my bed. But it is $600. I can probably pay a lot less at scandinavian designs. I can use the square shelves ot match the wood a bit. * MOre unpacking - I got my desk on tuesday, along with my sofa (yay! I totally slept on it most of last night.) I haven't taken the computer off the table yet, and I haven't hooked up the MAc or freebsd box. So I need to do that. Plus open up about 6 more boxes of random computer and desk stuff. * FIle cabinet - I nee to get one. Or possibly a combo office cabinet with file drawer. We'll see. * Buy food - almost no food in the apartment. I made french toast this morning while waiting for the headboard. I bought maple syrup at safeway last night. YUmmmm! * Buy microwave and toaster oven - see above.

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