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Monday, April 29, 2013

Only two weeks later…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We had visitors in from out of town both weekends – although only had a guest staying with us this previous weekend, which was cool. Wohali and I walked around the neighborhood yesterday, taste testing macarons from the four stores that sell them. We tasted pistachio macrons from each, and crowned Chantal Guillon the winner, with a very natural taste which was not too sweet, and a well textured cookie.

Much else fun and excitement was had, enough that makes me want another weekend to relax, but in other, very important news, I sold my car this morning. I posted it friday afternoon on Craiglist, and now it is gone to its new home. I suppose I could have gotten a few hundred dollars more if I tried harder/waited longer, but I made more than my bottom line, and it seems like the people who bought it really like subarus, so I know it will be appreciated. It feels weird to not have my own car, but I do have access to one, plus a zipcar membership, so it will be OK!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oops missed a month – anyone want to buy my car?

Oops, here we are a month later, on Tax Day Eve, I filed my taxes and had my refund before my last post, so tomorrow doesn’t mean much to me. If you’re waiting until the zero hour to file, good luck to you!

Anyway, the biggest thing of note from the past month is that I have decided to sell my car. Mackenzie and I each own a car, but we only have one reserved parking spot, and parking is not getting any easier in our neighborhood. Plus, I only put a few thousand miles on my car in the past 16 months, and that was mostly from doing summer trips in it, where I just decided we should take my car, even though it is less fuel efficient. Basically my car is less practical, so it’s going to be the one that is sold. I joined Zipcar to cover the few times when we each need a separate car.

I did the first step of the process, smogging my car, yesterday, and I am going to get it detailed Wednesday. After that it’ll be time to take a few photos and post on CL. And then the scary fun shall begin.

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