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Friday, August 10, 2007

Insurance Companies Suck (even if they do end up doing the right thing)

I got a letter in the mail when I got home at 10:30 last night. It was from Blue Cross. It stated more or less:

The following services were determined to be not medically necessary:

Central motor evoked potential study – upper limbs
Central motor evoked potential study – lower limbs

We will not pay!

Meh. So they don’t want to pay for not paralyzing me eh? I was a bit mad, so I called them up ASAP (thankfully they have people there 24 hours…). I tell them I want to file an appeal. They ask me for what. And I tell them “for the claim you deemed not medically necessary”. “Which claim is that?” I describe it, and look it up, and it turns out it was paid 5 days before the letter was sent out. Why? Because one hand wasn’t talking to the other. So they mixed their signals. I told them “this is pretty embarrassing for you guys, but thanks for paying”, and hung up.

So, they caused me needless stress – luckily for only 15 or so minutes.


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