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Monday, July 16, 2007

This weekend

Saturday I went to the farmers market and bought blueberries, corn (picked that morning in Brentwood) and pickling cucumbers. I went home and put 2 quart of pickles up to ferment. I put the jars in my storage closet in the carport. It’s nice and dark, relatively cool, and not in my apartment, so I don’t have to smell them as they ferment.

Then it was over to Erin’s place, so I could continue to help her prepare for her move early next month. I turned the big L shaped desk into 2 normal sized desks by swapping out leg parts. I also helped her throw away and donate many pounds of stuff. It was very tiring.

Later on I went home and made blueberry cobbler. I brought this over to stega‘s, where we ate it and watched The Thomas Crown Affair. Amusing movie, but somewhat implausible!

Saturday I went to Green Apple Books in the Richmond district. I visited all three storefronts, and got 8 books for about 46 bucks. Most of them are hardcover or trade paperbacks.

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