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Thursday, July 12, 2007

busy week

Tomorrow is only friday but I feel like I’ve already had a very busy week.

Tuesday – saw “Transformers”. 6.5 out of 11 rabbit turds. It was worth the price of my ticket (work paid). It was very commercial, but I suppose that is expected.

Wednesday – went to the The San Francisco Photography Meetup meeting. This was actually very interesting, and there was a diverse group of people with different interests there. I will go to some more of their meetings and events in the future, I think.

Thursday – Summer Canning: Grandpa’s Pickles and Grandma’s Jam class at the San Francisco JCC. This was really cool. I am going to try to get some pickle cucumbers at the farmer’s market this weekend to make sour dills. YUM!

I can relax some on the weekend :)

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