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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mini Reviews of Downtown Burlingame Eating Establishments

I highly doubt anyone will care much about it. But this is livejournal. No one should care about anything on here. Therefore, I’m going to post some mini-reviews about the downtown Burlingame eating establishments I’ve visited. The list is in no particular order, but vaguely East to West.

  • Sam’s Italian Sandwich Company – Passable sandwich shop. I tried it once, and I will not return. It’s not bad, just not good. And you can do better in the environs.
  • Christie’s – Breakfast restaurant. It is pretty greasy. If that is your thing, the prices are good. It’s a bit too much for me.
  • Straits – Singaporean food. They have a full bar, so it can be pretty crowded and trendy on Friday nights. The food is decent. Not cheap, but not terribly expensive. They make a nice ginger soda.
  • Stack’s – Breakfast food. I like it. It can be very busy on weekends (But all the breakfast places are). I went here at least once a week with my mom when she was here in March. We also went here for brunch the day before my surgery.
  • Ramen Club – Nice ramen restaurant. I’ve been happy all three times I’ve been there. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Santa Ramen, so I cannot judge between the two, but this one is closer to my apartment, and it is good stuff.
  • La Corneta – *Decent* taqueria. Proximity is key. Their enchiladas are nice and gooey. If you are nearby and crave mexican, not a bad deal. Cash Only.
  • Tomakazu – Good bento. Middling sushi. Good price. Very very close to my apartment.
  • House of Bagels – Bagel shop. Their bagels are fairly real (they bite back). They make delicious lox sandwiches. Recommended.
  • Copenhagen Bakery and Restaurant – Danish Bakery and Scandinavian/American Restaurant. Good for breakfast and lunch. Their soups and sandwiches are pretty good. Their bakery has some phenomenal pastries. I usually hit this place up at least once a week.
  • King Yuan – Typical Chinese food restaurant. The food has been conistantly “above edible”, and I’ve sampled a fair number of things off of their menu. Even if they weren’t about the closest Chinese place to me, I would consider going there.
  • Cafe La Scala – Decent Italian food restaurant. And I’m pretty picky. While not the best Italian food in the bay area, this sure beats a lot of what I’ve had that passes for Italian food around here. This being said, I hear some of the other places nearby are better, so I will have to try them out.
  • Crepevine – I like to call this place Crapvine. Not because it is bad, far from that, but because it’s nowhere near as good as Ti Couz in SF. They have a nice and varied menu, so just about anyone can find something. And their fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice combo is delicious.
  • Sakae – A sushi bar. I ignored this place for a long time, because it was a dive. Boy was I wrong. My favorite sushi place, evar. Oh, it’s not at all cheap, but it is oh so delicious. It is also very cozy, about 8 tables and the sushi bar.
  • Roti Indian Bistro – Dressed up restaurant with decent Indian food. You’re paying far too much for the location and decor. Not bad food, but I think you can probably do better for your Indian Food Dollar.
  • Coconut Bay – Passable Thai. I’d like to find better in my area. Not much more to say.
  • Barracuda – “Fusiony” sushi. Not really, but they do have a lot of rolls. It’s good quality, and fair priced. I went here for dinner the night before my surgery, with my folks. I made my mom eat a fried shrimp head. Of course, I didn’t know about Sakae then, but I do not regret the decision to go here. It also has a lot more room than Sakae.
  • Mollie Stones – Not a bad place to pick up some soup, or a sandwich. Therefore I will include it as a restaurant on the list, even though it is a grocery store.
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