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Friday, February 9, 2007

Health Update

I had the angiogram on Tuesday. It was a long day (thanks !!!). And I’m still recovering from it (big bruise on my right thigh, and pain and tenderness there). The angiogram itself was negative. The implication of this is no aneurysm or AVM ready to go boom, good news.

I went back to the neurosurgeon today. He said “It’s probably a cavernous malformation. But I can’t be certain because it is obscured by the clot in the MRI. It could be a low-grade/benign tumor – high grade tumors show up on contrast and this did not. So, the best thing to do is wait a few more weeks and take another MRI. The clot will have evolved and we’ll have different detail then to see what/where/what size of a thing we’re dealing with. But prepare yourself mentally for surgery in March. Expect to be taking a significant amount of time off of work. Have you parents come here…”

So I have another MRI with contrast on 3/1 and I see him again on 3/6. And then I learn my fate. But no matter what it is, he believes that removal is called for…. skull crackin’ march.

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