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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Amusing past 36 hours or so

So, on Tuesday, my friend lb told me that our friend Jarett was coming up from LA to SF for a few days.

Yesterday, aka gweeds came on IRC and suggested lb and I head up to SF to hang out with them. I was at work, but feeling less than effective, so i decided I would cut out a bit early. Meanwhile, lb headed up from the Southbay. When I was out of work at 4pm, I called them up, and met them at Ocean Beach (I took a crappy pic with my new camera phone, but not worth posting, i think). We hung out a bit (they had already been there a long time). So we soon headed off to Green Apple Books a phenomenal bookstore. I got a copy of the Seamus Haney translation of Beowulf. Afterwards, lb called headache, and decided to head home. I recommended he get a CT scan, just in case. The rest of us then headed over to Weird Fish in the Mission for dinner. The whole drive, gweeds affirmed my driving prowess despite my recent brain issues. How lovely! Dinner was yummy. Fried oysters, Tilapia fish and chips, some fried pickles. and ginger lemonade. Then, it was off to Mitchell’s for ice cream. I tasted the avocado (weird but ok) and Lucuma before deciding on the Holy Mango. Then it was back to Unicorn Precinct (gweeds’ house) where we watched an episode of Man 2 Man with Dean Learner discussed esoteric H.P. Lovecraft and William s. Burrough lore, and finally ended the evening with gweed pulling out a stash of old photos. Included was a random shot of an old ex of mine, who was best friends with one of his ex’s. Other blasts from the past were included as well. We also saw some videos of his cat as a kitten (adorable) and his trip tom japan. Then it was time to go home.

Today, I woke up, played a bit of WoW, then went for a walk. The important part of the walk was a stop at THE PEZ Museum. for $3 I got a guided tour of Pez history, and learned more than I could ever wish to know about the candy and dispensers. I noticed the Museum the day I moved in, but I felt like it was time to finally check it out. The best description I can come up for the visit is weird. TOo bad my camera is in the shop (but it’s been shipped back to me, hope to have it back tomorrow!), because I’m sure my phone pics will just suck (But i’ll check them out later).

That is all.

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