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Sunday, January 21, 2007

a good trick

The middle of last week my wonderful friend asked me if I was free this Saturday to see a movie, I said I was free, and we made some time plans…

Saturday comes a long and I am surprised by her plus several other people (WoW guildies, actually. some of them current/former coworkers, others just locals I know from the game), who had come to help me clean, and unpack and neaten my apartment, which had been long overdue – I moved in 1.5 months ago after all. It’s as neat as it’s been since the minute I moved in. i still have some unpacking to do. but not too much. And some papers to go through, But the heavy part were done in one afternoon, as opposed to days for just me to do it. And then we had a great dinner at a local sushi place.

It’s too bad she forgot to do before and after pics!

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