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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two amusing stories

I meant to post about this first one the other day, but I am lazy. I’ve talked about the fruitcakes I made a few times. I sent six of these out in the middle of December. Five of these quickly reached their intended recipients and I was quickly rewarded with words of thanks and information that they had all been enjoyed greatly. One of these I hard nothing about, but my assumption was that it was being held while the recipient was in Chicago for the holidays, and then as soon as he returned home, I was out of town – I figured signals were crossed.

Now imagine my surprise when I get an IM from nvrlnd on Friday informing me that all the packages that had been on hold while he was in Chicago got delivered to him that day, including the fruitcake. Luckily, a fruitcake is nothing if not imperishable, being heavily basted in brandy. Therefore he was able to enjoy it that night, albeit a month late. Maybe I should make more next year, they seem to be well received.

The second story is much shorter and much sillier. I went to get coffee this morning, and the guy in front of me ordered a “vente caramel macchiato, nonfat, decaf, extra-hot, no whip, caramel on the side, light foam”. And then, when the drink came, it wasn’t exactly as he wanted. I bit my lip to hold in a chuckle.

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