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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ID Reading Project Update

Well, I bought a book, and it’s sitting on an end table waiting for me to finish the book I’m currently reading. However, I read this article on The New Republics website (bugmenot for u/p) that’s really making me doubt the worthiness of this endeavor. Still, I’m committed to doing this now, I think.

Here’s a choice quote from the article, for those who didn’t want to click through (not that I blame you):

At a school board meeting in June, William Buckingham, the chair of the board’s curriculum committee, complained that the proposed replacement book was “laced with Darwinism.” After challenging the audience to trace its roots back to a monkey, he suggested that a more suitable textbook would include biblical theories of creation. When asked whether this might offend those of other faiths, Buckingham replied, “This country wasn’t founded on Muslim beliefs or evolution. This country was founded on Christianity and our students should be taught as such.” Defending his views a week later, Buckingham reportedly pleaded: “Two thousand years ago, someone died on a cross. Can’t someone take a stand for him?” And he added: “Nowhere in the Constitution does it call for a separation of church and state.”

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