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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Two movies to discuss:

1) Batman Begins – I took my mom to see this over the weekend. She had already seen it, but was willing to see it again. So I took her up on it. You’ve probably heard enough about it before, and probably even seen it. I think it was very well done, and a good movie. Not perfect, of course, but a great Batman movie, and a good movie to boot. 7.6 out of 9 rabbit turds.

2) Corn – Ok, this is a movie that I am really not sure how I heard about, or how it got in my Netflix queue. Jena Malone stars as a pregnant young woman who has just returned to her family’s sheep ranch. The farmer nearby is growing some GMO corn that seems to have the undesirable side effect of causing a strange weed to grow. The sheep are infatuated with the weed, and it makes them oddly violent. Jena gets a job as a supermarket cashier and investigates the weird corn. Bad things happen to some people. In the end it makes a tiny bit of sense.

And yes, unlike the other movie you haven’t heard of this one. Well, I think there is good reason for that. This movie is pretty crappy. 2.71 out of 8.23 rabbit turds is what it deserves.

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