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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Here is today’s spam of the day. First the sender and subject:

4158 Sep 14 classie bishop ( 0) Judicial Judgements-Child Support Investigator

And now for the coup de grace, the content:

So he rose to a point considerably beyond the clouds, where the air was thin but remarkably pleasant to inhale and the rays
of the sun were not so hot as when reflected by the surface of the water He could see the dark clouds rolling beneath him like volumes of smoke from a factory chimney, and knew the earth was catching a severe shower of rain; yet he congratulated himself on his foresight in not being burdened with umbrella or raincoat, since his elevated position rendered him secure
from rain-clouds But, having cut himself off from the earth, there remained nothing to see except the clear sky overhead and the tumbling clouds beneath; so he took from his pocket the Automatic Record of Events, and watched with breathless interest the incidents occurring in different parts of the world discontinue Orange stad, and then mail stop 1.200 B, followed by A rub a A big battle was being fought in the Philippines, and so fiercely was it contested that Rob watched its progress for hours, with rapt attentionFinally a brave rally by the Americans sent their foes to the cover of the woods, where they scattered in every direction, only to form again in a deep valley hidden by high hills If only I was there, thought Rob, I could show that captain where to find the rebels and capture them But I guess the Philippines are rather out of my way, so our
soldiers will never know how near they are to a complete victory

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