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Thursday, September 2, 2004

A tale of two KitKats

Perusing the candy shelves at my local 7-Eleven I came across an interesting find. Much how they had alternative versions of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups last summer, they seem to have some alternative Kit Kats now. I don’t count the Big Kat, since that’s been around for awhile (some readers might recall me reviewing it on another forum), but they had Triple Chocolate! and Inside Out Kit Kats and I bought one of each. Here are my reviews of these confections:

Triple Chocolate Kit Kat
This Kit Kat has “Crisp Chocolate Wafers and Chocolate Creme in Milk Chocolate”. It honestly didn’t taste all that different than a regular Kit Kat. I guess the chocolate taste was a bit richer, but by and large it just wasn’t that special. I give it a B.

Inside Out Kit Kat
This Kit Kat has “Crisp Chocolate Wafers and Chocolate Creme in White Chocolate”. This is not “Inside Out”, as I don’t think that the normal wafers in a Kit Kat are white chocolate, but rather some sort of vanilla wafer. Therefore, points must be taken off for false advertising. Additionally, white chocolate just isn’t that good. It basically is like eating mildly flavored fat around a chocolate center, which is ok, but not ideal. This one gets a D+. Sorry Hershey, but at least it’s passing.

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