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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


For toastiest:

Dramatis Personae:
Stephen Colbert: Daily Show Senior Political Corespondent
Religious Guy: Black man wearing a red robe with large sash with a giant 6 pointed star on it.

Scene: New York Sidewalk. There are several black men in red & black robes, some reading from books, standing around a triangular sign board.

[close up on Religous Guy]

Religous Guy: I’m for the Bible and Jesus Christ and the Laws of God. We are against homosexuals and lesbianism. It is disgusting and the Bible condems it.

[pull out]

Stephen Colbert: Well, I think President Bush would agree with you on that.

RG: Really? Bush is a homosexual himself. That’s why…

SC: I didn’t know that.

RG: When Bush was part of the Skull and Bones Society in Yale University he laid in a coffin butt naked… and masturbated.

[Colbert looks on, intrigued]

RG: He does not believe in Jesus Christ. He believes in Satan.

SC: So, you’re voting for President Bush?

RG: [evil stare]

SC: Uh, let’s get back to the masturbating for a second.

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