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Friday, July 23, 2004

Death Chemical for Mildew

One of our bathrooms, the one in the master bedroom, had taken it upon itself to become infested with mildew. Infestation is probably to light a word to describe the horrors of this bathroom. The shower door bottoms and top were black with the stuff. I’ve never seen something so horrible in a bathroom in my life (and I’ve seen some pretty skanky bathrooms!). I know that they previous residents didn’t clean it, and I know that the landlords didn’t hire a cleaning company in between… who knows how long it had been since that shower was cleaned. Of course, I didn’t realize this until a bit later, when I started to clean.

Anyway, this infestation had begun to take up a gigantic and putrid odor. This miasma was not content to remain in the bathroom itself, but it had begun to migrate into the main part of the bedroom. Something had to be done, and done fast.

I went to the store and got some anti-mildew cleaner, sponges and rubber gloves. This was war, and I wasn’t going to go in unprepared. 40 minutes later, with me light-headed due to bleach fumes, I finally finished scrubbing things down. By no means was all the mildew eradicated, but I am certain I lowered it’s presence by an order of magnitude or more. At the time I wasn’t sure what this had done to the smell, since the aforementioned bleach fumes had overwhelmed my olfactory sense. I had to go lie down and recuperate, and then eat dinner.

Later that evening it appeared that the smell was greatly reduced, but still present in the bathroom itself. Thankfully it seems that the new, lower power versoin of the odor does not have the power to distribute itself into the rest of the bedroom. I think I will make another pass with the deadly chemical over the weekend, cleaning up around the toilet as well as the shower this time. NO MERCY!

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