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Monday, March 15, 2004


This weekend we went to visit my friend Pete and see his “new condo.” He moved in about 9 months ago, so it’s not really new, but I had only seen it once before, soon after he moved in, and Erin and Adam hadn’t seen it at all.

We also went out to the coast, to Bodega bay. Here are some pictures that I took from some cliffs:

We went down to the beach after this, and then we went to the Armstrong Woods and saw some 1000 year old redwoods. Unfortunately my battery ran out and I didn’t bring my spare along. We got some pictures with Erin’s APS camera, but those can’t be posted until she finishes the roll and gets them developed :(.

After the woods, we went to a place called “Mom’s Apple Pie” in some little town in the Russian River Valley. We bought a pie which we took back to Pete’s, and had it for for dessert after our dinner. The pie was damn good!

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