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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

new hamsters

One of our hamsters, kabob, passed away in January. It was a sad occasion, made more sad by the fact that I was out of town at the time. Anyway, her sister, falafel is still with us, but she is a rather surly hamster. Erin decided that we needed a couple of new dwarf hamsters, which would hopefully be friendlier.

Over the weekend we bought two new hamsters:

Sadly, we quickly learned that the two of them would not be living in the one cage, unlike falafel and kabob did. Instead of getting along, they would tussle instantly when they got near each other, after the first few minutes, and nilla would end up on her back motionless and afraid. She spent a couple of hours just sitting and doing nothing before we went and got a second cage for her. She is much happier in the new cage.

Here is a special bonus picture of her, with her special laser eye:

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