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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Donuts and a Bonus

Every Wednesday we get donuts from Krispy Kreme at work. Normally it’s just a regular variety, with a ton of original glazed, some filled, and some of the chocolate cakeish donuts that I actually like. However, near holidays and such, they often produce some interesting, special use, donuts. For instance, around Christmas we got cute snow men:

And around valentines, hearts. For July 4, there were donuts that had red white and blue “flags” glazed on them.

This is all well and good, but things have gone odd lately. For instance, last week we had these monstrosities:

I can only speculate this was related to national dog poop day. And then this week we had:

This is more appetizing, but I am not sure it is timed right. Aren’t there a couple of weeks still before football starts.

I am afraid of what will be there next Wednesday!


As a bonus, here are some bunnies I saw on the way to work this morning:

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