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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday work took us to California’s Great America. This was actually a “get to know everyone between us and the rest of our business unit at our Corporate Overlords. Except I didn’t meet anyone from them, but I did meet a few new people from my “company”. Funny how that is.

It was really hot out, so after some lunch and beer, and riding all the open roller coasters at least once, I decided to call it a day around 3pm. I went over to google to beg a free beverage off of Erin, and then I went and read for a while.

Later, when she was done with work, I went over to her house, and I met her two kittens, Tig and Colby:

Colby is the black and white one, Tig is the gray one. They are adorable and full of energy. I played with them a lot, throwing little toys on their big climbing tree for them to go up and retrieve seemed to be a favorite of theirs. They also love wrestling with each other. And they seem to be incredibly friendly, and took to me right away, following me around Erin’s house.

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