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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Kickstarter I Like (plus a weird bonus one)

Way back in the 1970s, when I was just a toddler, Steve Jackson came out with a little game called OGRE. The premise of this tiny little game (the original was pocket sized) was that one side played a giant robotic death tank, and the other side played an army composed of ‘conventional’ units (if you call levitating tanks conventional). The former tried to wipe the latter’s command post off the map, while the latter’s singular goal was to destroy the former. It’s very asymmetric, but fairly balanced in the end.

I probably first became aware of OGRE in high school, after Steve Jackson Games was raided by the Secret Service, due to a cyperpunk roleplaying game they were developing at the time. Or maybe it was from the cruddy computer game that Origin released in the late 1980s…

Now, Steve Jackson has turned to Kickstarter to release a new, huge version of this seminal strategic board game. I for one am hugely excited about the 14lb sixth edition! And unlike Wasteland 2, I should get my copy this year!

And, lest you think that the only things I support are games, I also recently supported Flint and Tinder’s premium made in America underwear.

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