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Monday, March 17, 2008

3 day weekend

My dad was in town for a three day weekend. My mom got to spend most of a month with my a year ago, so he felt he should get some time here without me worrying about or recovering from brain surgery.

Some highlights from the trip:

1) Muir Woods – I never went here before, since on weekends it seemed super busy when I’ve been near there. It was actually fairly busy on Friday, but it was worth it.

2) Fleur de Lys – I took dad to dinner here on Saturday. It was really fantastic, and totally lived up to its reputation. I’d go back, but not for a bit, it’s not cheap :)

3) Alcatraz – I was here 11 years ago, and I think once per decade is a reasonable time frame for visiting this historic place. But no more than that!

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