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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toast and Chocolate and Cats Oh My!

Villa – So today the french toast was a failure, but that’s OK. We still were able to eat breakfast. We left a bit before 10:00AM to go to nearby San Sisto for the Perugina Chocolate Factory tour. This tour was rather great. The guide was happy that I’m from SF, and she was also super straightforward about their nefarious marketing practices – In the 1980s teenagers weren’t eating chocolate, so they finely tuned a commercial to have them start buying Baci. The tour of the assembly lines was neat, and smelled nice. We saw them making Baci and the Easter egg – some of which were being filled with Disney’s Cars – but don’t worry, there were also Disney Princesses for the girls! The workers were all smiling, because really, do you HAVE to work in a chocolate factor, or do you GET to?

The museum had some great art, and the store was nice too, we all bought a bunch of chocolate loot. We were also given a bar of chocolate as a parting gift on the way out.

Then it was off to Gubbio. We got there around 1PM, and we quickly found ourself a nice Umbrian comfort food restaurant for lunch, and then wandered the wrong way a while before zeroing in on the main sites of the town. It’s really a very pretty city (wow, they all seem to be, don’t they?). After we saw some buildings and churches and a cat and a cask, we got coffee. In the plaza near the coffee shop there were some young kids dressed up as a king and a jester playing, very amusing. Afterwards, Joan bought a coat, satisfying a quest she had been on for a while, and making the proprietress’ day. I got some stamps so I could send out some postcards which I had bought at Perugina.

We stopped off at Pam for some more provisions on the way home and are now relaxing a bit before dinner.



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