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Monday, February 23, 2009


Villa – Today’s plans did not go quite as planned – misses Assisi’s exit on the highway, so we kept driving until we reached Citta di Castello (we had planned to go to Assisi first, then perhaps Gubbio, then perhaps Citta di Castello). The Citta is a weird place, there is no actual castle there! We saw some towers,

had a nice Trattoria lunch (which made the trip to the city worth it) and then saw some more medieval sites.

After that we drove down to Assisi, since seeing the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi was one of my highlights. The church was very nice, and I saw some monks in the tomb chapel.

After the Basilica we saw some cats eating pasta

and had some TOO SWEET pastry and coffee. It was a nice time in a nice, scenic city.

One the way back we stopped at IperCoop for some groceries after trying to find an FM modulator at Mediaworld and failing and just getting some CDRW so we would have music on our drives (hence the iPhone hacking). IperCoop was sort of like a Meijer, with both food and non food items. The food choices were amazing, multiple refrigerator cases full of fresh pasta and the deli section was incredibly impressive. Unfortunately the bottles of olive oil were too big to pack and bring back. The prices, however, were great.

Back at home we cooked up dinner. Orecchiette in tomato sauce, steak and procuitto wrapped pork cutlets grilled over the fire, and some mediocre wine. We had gelatto for dessert.

Citta di Castello

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