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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hacking the iPhone

At the Villa. Yesterday we ended up going to Spoleto instead of Perugia. We walked around a while before deciding to go get food. We wandered down a windy, shoddy stone staircase and found the city wall:

We followed it around a bit until eventually we found Il Tartufo, perhaps the finest restaurant in Spoleto. We had a very impressive truffle based meal, and the wine spider made an appearance in Joan’s glass. What a tricky creature he is!

After lunch we headed back to the car to drive down to the Cascata delle Maremore, a Roman made waterfall that only runs when the power company feels like turning it on. At 165m tall, it is amongst the tallest in Europe.

After viewing the waterfall, we pulled off the road to take some pictures of the urban decay:

We drove back to the Villa, and were unable to buy a newspaper. We decided that there must be a guild that controls the selling of them, and that you need special powers to get one. Or perhaps there just are no Sunday papers in the Catholic country?

When we got back we pretty much crashed. We ate some of the Pecarino we bought in Spoleto (so delicous) and sat in front of the fire, and headed to bed around 10PM. I woke up around 8:00am today.

Cascatta delle Marmore

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