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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Andersen Bakery, Ueno Station

Slight disappointment here – no an pan! Maybe an pan is too plebian for this place? I have a muffin and an appl tart and the tea is good.

It is raining hard today. I think I shall not get to see Ueno Koen. Oh well, I’ll survive. What this means is that I’ll be heading back to Narita early (like 10ish) and I can chill there, I suppose.

It’s pretty amazing that the trip is concluding. Months (and years) of planning and here it is, at the end. Was it how I expected? Of course not. Was it good? Of course – er no, it was great. It’s so razy to be in a place like this. So homogeneous – I thnk that’s the #1 most striking thing to me. Followed only slightly by the sense of history. Places that make New England seem young, let alone IL.

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