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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Unagi-ya, Ginza

Joan’s directions were spot on for for this one. I hope the food is as gooda s I believe it will be.

Rainin gtoday – sort of sad but oh well. I visisted the east garden of the Imperial Palace. It has neat ruins of Edo Castle in it. On account of the weather, not too many photos. Well, so be it. I strolled around for about an hour, then I hit Mistukoshi’s main store. I explored the store pretty thoroughly – funny place. Kind of like you stepped back in time to the 1950s. I bought some Genmaicha.

Ok, I got my food (medium sized ungai donburi and miso soup) and it was delicious. The soup had lots of tofu, mushrooms, and some sort of celery and parsely hybrid. Great on a rainy day lke today. The unagi was tender, mild and delicious. Good pickle too. Probably a bit better than Kyoto eel. I shall finish my tea and get a pastry at mitsukoshi.

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