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Friday, September 28, 2007

Outside Ueno Station

It’s very nice out, so i went for a short stroll. Earlier I had gone to Yokohama china town – amusing, and saw Yamashita Park, and the statue given to Yokohama by San Diego. China Town has lots of gates. Then I rode the train back to Shin Yokohama and went to the “Raumen Museum” which I already mentioned. I had spicy miso ramen. It was good, not as good as aoba, but good. I got some fried bread for dessert. Then I headed back to tokyo.

I picked up a Cherry Danish at Andersen bakery in Ueno Station, mostly just to check it out. If I wanted to be scientific and compare it to Andersen in SF, I should have gotten An Pan! Well, maybe tomorrow. Anyhow, I looked for a manga cafe and I found one, but they lied and said they werne’t open, despite the 24 hour sign outside. Oh well. I found another Tengu which I might go to tomorrow. And the hotel has a computer to check my email at.

LC gave me the phone number for a friend of her’s in Tokyo – I will call him, but it seems likely that he is currently out of Japan. Oh well.

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