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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ginza Capital Annex, Tsukiji

I am tired an sore. But i had a neat assed morning. Well first the rest of yesterday, as I basically CRASHED at 9:30PM


I got back to Shinjuku, grabbed my second bag at Tokyo station. It took 15 minutes to find my large suitcase, but that was not so bad. I was in a lot of pain because of the food blisters. I pretty much wussed out on taking the train to my hotel and hired a taxi instead. Hah. So I love how even cabbies can’t find places here. He screwed up a bit, admitted it (calling himself Baka!) and then turned the meter off before driving me to the right place. I really wish I spoke more Japanese, but I communicated OK with him.

This hotel is pretty good. Comfortable bread, good AC, TV with 20 channels (8 of them copies of course) Also, great location. 5 blocks from the central fish market. But I’ll get to that later.

So as soon as I got ot my room I lanced my giant blister on my right pinky toe. It was actually 2 blisters upon closer examination. It helped a lot. And 30 minutes later I headed out to go to Odaiba.

Yurikamome “new transit” is really cool. A driverless train so if you are in a end car, like I was, you have a fantastic view. I rode all the way to the terminal station, then came back. I stopped first at Daiba to check out that area for sunset. It was beautiful but I felt really happy despite my sore, dumb feet. Food choices were odd, so I just got joe random ebi tempura. Then I went to Aomi. Toyotoland is hilarious. Especially the “ride one” road thingy. THe big stack of test drive cars was crazy. I was pretty bushed at this time, and the thought of paying Y500 to get in to an arcade was not high on my agenda, so I ended up skipping Joyopolis. My video game roots feel betrayed. I headed back to the hotel, stopping to buy an aisan pear at a fruit stand and a convini snack. I ate a bit of snacks, took a shower then fell asleep watching Green Wing, some time around 9:30 PM


To be continued.

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