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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Outside Shinjuku Gyoen

Ok, so the capsule was uhm, an experience. The bed was not uncomfortable. But i woke p to pee and some dude had porno on super loud. Japanese porn actors’ “voice acting” is nutso. I wa asleep at 10:30pm. At 4:56AM I woke up again, to loud snoring, several rows away. So i decided to get up and start my day. The shower was fiiine, and I was on my with to B@gus. I had some tea, checked my email and then out to get a snack (mr donut). So I have to say that Kabuki-cho is hilarious. First I was offered a shoer, bj and sex for Y20,000 by what I hope was ap imp, not a male prostitute. Which I quickly declined. Then 10 minues later I was at a shinto shrine. Har!

Still hungry, and with a sore foot, I stopped at a convini. I got what I thought was plum in syrup. But it turned out to be plum in jello. And it was delicous. And now i am sitting outside the garden waiting for more stuff to open. Perhaps the drug store. Or the park.

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