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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cyber Cafe B@gus, Shinjuku

I ended up eating a screwey sandwich with 5x the normal amount of mayonaise from Family Mart. It was not ideal, but it helped me survice. I went to nishiki-dori, which is the big kyoto market. I sampled some delicious pickles, and took some pictures, then I went back to the Sumiya to get my stuff and head to the JR station.

They really are so polite at the ryokan. It’s great. Barley tea while waiting for my taxi, along with some an mochi. 3 people bowed to me on the way out. When I got to the station I had about 10 minutes before the next Hikari, so I investigate food options. I found a bento stand that looked ok. Well it was pretty good – I ate it on the train. The only downside was the weird snail. It was sealed shut, so uhm, I didn’t eat it. I finished Artemis Fowl book 2 today. Started up on Serve it Forth. The train ride was uneventful. But when I got to Tokyo station I took about 15 minutes looking for the big lockers to stash my luggage for the night. I hope I can find it again tomorrow. Anyhow, I stopped here to check my email before checking out the Capsule hotel across the way. Mmmm free calpis. One of the best features of this cyber cafe is the beverage machine!

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