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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sumiya Ryokan

Dinner. So, I got what I thought was a human sized glass of water. And then I realized it had a small lip. It was a pitcher. This amused me. Here is what I had for dinner:

  1. Carp Sashimi
  2. Snapper, shrimo, kanpachi and “conga” no clue what that least this is, but it tastes pretty good
  3. Soup with mushroom and conga, along with egg tofu. The latter is for the moon viewing season, which is going on
  4. Unagi
  5. Grilled fish and pickles
  6. Smoke fish and roe
  7. mushroom, dried shrimp, and fish dish, and some melon
  8. more soup with fish
  9. More sashimi, including some sort of liver and flying fish
  10. Miso and rice with ume, and more pickles
  11. Fruit with champagne jello

All of this took about 1.5 hours. It was pretty much all very tasty

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