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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sakura Hotel

Ugh, today was well… not a complete waste, but very bad. Some combo of jetlag, food poisoning, I dunno. I woke up and had the hotel breakfast, and then I think I doomed myself with a Wonda After shot. WTF? Ok, so the I went to Shinjuku with the intention of writing out some postcards and check email. Well, I felt like poo. I planned 2 good meals for today, unagi and tempura, but no. So I felt like shit but I thought it would pass. So after sitting at Mister Donut for a bit, I got on a JR train to Harajuku. Well after sitting in the park for a bit I still felt awful, so I headed back to the hotel. Good thing, because soon after I got back I puked up all my pan and co-hi- from the morning. Ugh. I lied down for a bit and then felt a bit better. I decided to go back to Harajuku and the Meiji-jingu – a big shrine in the park dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his wife – it was quite beatiful. I saw a wedding procession while I was there, which was really neat. Woot. But then the sicks came back. I rested on a bench for a bit, but then I decided I had better get back to the hotel. While I was on teh JR train I was basically hanging from the handhold I felt so crappy. When we got to the Shinjuku Station I was feeling most queazy. I tried to sit down on the platform, but vomit. I felt like a complete birk. I was kind of surprised that no one said “daijobu desu ka” to me. Ahh well, at least it was really watery puke, and not too pungent. So after the vomits, back to the hotel I went. Of course, when I got back, they were cleaning my room. So I went and sat in the park in Hatagaya for 45 minutes. There as some sort of religious event happenign in the square on teh other side of the park. One of those big portable shrine things. It was neat to see and rather random. So now it was 2:15 and I went back to the room. I barely made it back to my room I was so dizzy. I had some unfortunate toilet time, but it wasn’t so bad. I was very dizzy, but I managed to get down 1 floor and start some laundry. But when I had to go back between steps I was so drained and dizzy. I figured I was dehydrated so i grabbed a beverage that turned out to be a grapefruit flavored sport drink from the vending machine near the laundry. It felt really good to drink. When I got back to my room with my dry laundry and the bottle, i dropped it all ont he floor and flopped down into bed. I ended up take an hour and a half or so nap.

Next thing I know it is 7pm and I feel not awful. So I ate my last bit of pocky and drank some more water. I figure that if I am feeling ok at 8:30PM I might go get some AMPM. I am watching Doors, a pretty absurd ‘danger show’. The toughest transvestite in Japan is on and is being a complete wuss. At most 1/10 of the contestants made it through round 1’s obstacle course. It’s very video game esque. Speaking of video game, it’s funny that Keio is a train that i take, a mall, and also makes games for the DS.

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