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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sakura Hotel

Fuck are my feet sore. Too much sweating and too much walking. Tomorrow I will try to control my walking some – or at least that’s the plan. 5km or less is my goal! I don’t want to know how many km I walked today. To say dozens would not be a lie.

Ok, so I went to Roppongi, got off the train, and hoofed it to Tokyo Tower. Not a bad walk, but a little hilly near the tower. Oh, yeah, a couple of americans asked me if I knew where the Hardrock Cafe was, while I was still in the station – I didn’t but my map did. They were impressed by it. Anyway, I got some postcards at the gift shop at Tokyo Tower, then took the subway back to Roppongi Crossing.

I explored Roppongi Hills, and I am a bit mixed on this place. It’s pretty nice, but it’s also a bit sterile. It could almost be in the US. But it has an elegant simplicity i can appreciate. On my meanderings I came across Chinese Cafe 8, another place recommended by my friend Joan. I had dinner there which included a complimentary glass of Asahi? Uhh, ok! I had a ginger duck stirfry and welsh onion dumplings. It was very tasty stuff. The restaurants specialty is a whole fried duck, and from where I was sitting I could see them carving this for presentation for the lucky people who ordered it. The cutting was very skilled and neat to see. After I finished dinner I decided it was time to head over to the Mori tower.

I went up the Mori Tower to the Tokyo City View. It was a good time there, and I took some mediocre pictures of the city at night. I also saw the Sky Aquarium, a strange art exhibit with the concept of aquariums as art. This British guy berated the Japanese women he was with for saying that the weird fish (which I thought was pretty creepy) was oishii. That’s funny and stereotypical, but I thought that at some other tank, as well. But really, the one that they were pointing to, kowai desu ne! Well after going through the art exhibit based on some architect, I decided it was time for some dessert.

Haha, I ended up at cold stone. It was weird, because the workers are crazy insane happy – and they sing after each order since there is no tipping. The fruit was exceptionally deliscious. I decided to head back at this time as Heartland, a bar I wanted to check out, wasn’t open, and I was pretty tired anyway. I soaked my feat, then hit the AMPM and got a 10% off onigiri. It was an ume one, and really, I can only take so much Ume. But the rice and nori were really good. Calpis Melon Cream soda is really good. Now it is time to go to sleep.

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