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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Hrm, Ginza is pretty pretty amazing. Not a single convenient store on a 4 mile walk. OK, some of that includes a doubleback. But maybe I should back up… here is what happened since last i wrote: asagohan->shower->shinjuku. I checked email there, and got an update on the tempura place from Joan. I then went and found it. Huzzah! Then I came to Gina, and found out that I had 50 minutes until the Sony Building opens, so i decide to go on a walk. I’m on the lookout for a convenience store to get an onigiri, but none. Even vending machines are hidden on back streets here. I lost my kick ass Kodansha map… I put it down to take a picture and I guess I forgot to pick it up. A mile and change later I realize it’s missing, and walk back, but alas, it is not where I thought I left it. No fear, I found a bookstore and bought a new copy. Then I resumed my search for an onigiri. I found a restaurant called ONY (Original Natural Yard), where they didn’t speak english. But I got an ebi onigiri anyhow, because I’m good like that. I think I like the ones from the convience store better, but it at least the shrimp was good. It’s time for Sony to open, so I will go there now.

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