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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The State of Things

I am sitting here at my “bestie” Erin’s place watching her fold laundry. She says she has the cutest underwear. Anyway, I came over to her place to store some things in her garage.

The apartment is very far from being set up, but some important things have been accomplished today. I bought some curtains from Bed Bath and Beyond (hurray for 20% off coupons) to try to make my bedroom darker. They claim to block 99.8% of light, but the seem to let a bit more light than that through. Still it’s much darker than before, and maybe I’ll be able to sleep past 7AM tomorrow! I hung them using an abandoned rod on a living room window. I also ran cat 5 through a wall to the little office room, so that the router can be by the computers that need to be plugged in directly. I made a few too many holes in one wall, and I’ll need to paint it. It’s OK, because the color of that wall isn’t ideal anyway. I bought spackle and paint and etc so I can do that tomorrow. I guess in some ways doing this stuff was procrastinating the unpacking and organizing, but these improvements will make the place more livable.

Tomorrow morning we have a walk through at the old place with the landlord’s mom. And then that will be about that, I guess. I hope to be done unpacking by the end of 2008, so that I can buy the couple of pieces of furniture I’ll probably need early in 2009 and finish organizing. I guess I should work on unpacking the kitchen stuff asap so I can start cooking again.

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