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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another boring post?

Stick with it, I guarantee a payoff!

Ok, so we all know that the weather out there is pretty crazy in Chicago (where I am from) right now. A blizzard the like of which hasn’t been seen for decades – my brother was a bit confused and wasn’t sure if it was the third biggest snowfall after ’67 and ’79 or if ’99 (which I was present for) also beat it. Either way, they got a lot of snow:

My family’s cars were trapped for the day for various reasons, which I guess was OK because most work and school was cancelled. My brother told me that he took Milo, my nephew out on the shoveled path to the garage and the snow was completely over his head. There is video of this which I hope to see in the near future, but now we’ll all have to just live with the cute mental picture of an 18th month old kid, bundled in a snowsuit, and surrounded by walls of white powder.

Yes, I sure am glad I live in California and don’t have to put up with this sort of weather.

However, I am sort of sad that I didn’t get to experience Thundersnow. My friend Katie tells me it is common in Kansas City, but it seems to be a novel occurrence elsewhere in the nation.

Meanwhile, I got to contend with what was an outrageously sunny day for San Bruno, where I work. Rats!

Ok, now as a reward for those that made it this far, I know present what very well could be the greatest commercial of the decade (which is only about a month old…):

P.S. The amount of wrangling I had to do to get videos that didn’t bleed like crazy over the right column makes me believe it’s about time for a new blog layout.

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