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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bitchin’ Kitchen

Soon after I moved in to my flat I arranged to have a particular window replaced. The one that was there went down too far to be useful, and was fairly broken. Within two weeks of moving in I had the job scheduled, but there are delays before these things can actually happen, so it took until two weeks ago for the window to be finally replaced.

While I was waiting for the window to be replaced I had the fridge in front of the window, since it’s original position, near the doorway into the kitchen, made opening the fridge while someone was at the stove a problem. And in a lot of ways, having the fridge in front of the window was optimal, due to the french door design. However, it did block the window.

Well, Mackenzie did a bunch of possible layouts of the kitchen, and due to door clearance issues (particularly if one wants to be able to take the drawers out for cleaning) the ‘in front of the window’ layout was the best. But it wasn’t satisfying at all, especially since I just paid $X for the new fancy window. So she decided I should try putting the fridge in the corner, even with some clearance issues. Earlier this week we arranged it in this layout, and it turns out that it’s pretty good, and I’ll be keeping it like this until I someday remodel the kitchen.

By the way, the title of this post came from a comment when I posted these photos on facebook earlier today.

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