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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Outcome

So, I failed in my quest to babble about all six ballot props, but you can rest assured that 1E was as misguided as the rest of them. I guess the populace wasn’t really hearing it either, since the results of the election were pretty pathetic (source: Secretary of State’s Web Site):

outcome Proposition Title Yes Votes % No Votes %
N 1A “Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund 1,334,724 34.1% 2,569,677 65.9%
N 1B Education Funding. Payment Plan. 1,460,630 37.4% 2,435,276 62.6%
N 1C Lottery Modernization Act 1,376,145 35.4% 2,507,236 64.6%
N 1D Children’s Services Funding 1,331,624 34.3% 2,550,562 65.7%
N 1E Mental Health Funding 1,299,638 33.6% 2,563,412 66.4%
Y 1F Elected Officials Salaries 2,874,524 73.9% 1,016,557 26.1%

The only thing that passed is the “useless anyway you look at it” Proposition 1F. But really as a whole, you can see this election as a referendum on the Legislature. They aren’t doing what we are electing them to do, and I hope that people remember this at the next general election and vote them out. In the meanwhile, maybe they’ll do their job. This goes double for the GOP members who have to learn that occasionally one must “disagree and commit”.

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