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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star Trek

I saw Star Trek (2009) twice – once with my parents while I was in Chicago (on IMAX), and then again when I got back to San Francisco with Mackenzie (35mm). It was worth seeing twice, honestly. Which means I’m already saying I like the movie before I start talking about it.

So, without any spoilers, I will just say that J.J. Abrams hit a home run with this movie. It’s far from perfect – if you spend enough time thinking about the story, you’ll get a bit disgruntled, but then again, it’s Star Trek – meaning it’s supposed to be entertaining and one hopes that any literary deficiencies in the movie would not get in the way of that. And this movie succeeds in spades in that regard. The casting is quite good, with the actors capturing the essence and feeling of the roles they are replaying – oh and the villain is good too. And cool special effects.

Yes, I liked it. 7 out of 8.1 rabbit turds.

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