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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kitchen Renovation, Part 2

As always, you can see the full set of pictures here:

Day 2 - It looks like a barn

First of all, we went to the “kitchen warming” party of Mackenzie’s college friend today – they had their kitchen done over the summer and it looks great, so I am looking forward and hopeful for our final results!
However, not too much has happened since the last post, although there has been some plumbing work done. We’re moving the dishwashing sink from the south wall to the west wall – which means a new waste water stack:

New waste stack

As well as some rerouting of the supply lines, which are now going through the attic:

External supply lines - up and over the old, boarded in window on the East wall

Supply lines through the attic

We found out that there is going to be at least a half week delay in getting inspections for the rough plumbing and electrical, which are not going to happen until Friday 9/26. Assuming that all goes well, drywalling will start Saturday 9/27 – so hopefully the cabinets will be hung by the end of that week, and then counters can be templates and the rest of the finishing work begun.

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