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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Sandwich Supper

A friend showed me an interesting blog last month, Not Eating Out In New York. This is a pretty interesting cooking blog. Anyway, the most recent post was this plum and feta panini which sounded good to me. Well, on my way home today, I picked up supplies to make one. Here is the result:

It was pretty good, actually. I might try it again with chevre instead of feta. Maybe.

Well, I was still hungry after finishing it, and not in the mood for more of the same, so I made a radish sandwich, which I guess is an old French thing that I learned about earlier this summer. Here is the recipe:

1 or more radishes (depending on the size)
Sturdy bread
Salt (optional)

Slice the radish(es) into thin slices. Butter the bread and sprinkle one with salt. Arrange the radish slices on the bread and close.

Looking back on it, the order should have been reversed, but it was still a good, seasonal dinner.

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