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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Grandparents and Such

My Paternal Grandmother passed away on 2/23/2007. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago, so it wasn’t a big surprise, and she didn’t really suffer much, and she was 89. However, I didn’t find out until Monday Morning. Which is fair. No reason to tell me something like that before brain surgery.

Anyway, as things worked out, I had two grandparents alive at that time. One is very, very dear to me (my Maternal grandmother), the other one, I never was close to. She was a pretty distant woman. So while I am sad that she died, it didn’t really cause me much grief. However, as soon as my dad told me on Monday morning I had to call my other Grandma – who thankfully, besides severe arthritis, is in good health for someone on the verge of changing from an octogenerian to a nonagenarian.

Anyway, I don’t question the decision to keep it from me, but I know I wouldn’t have been really affected. She was such a distant, and fairly cold woman – I mean I loved her, she was my grandmother, but i wasn’t really fond of her. My other Grandma, though, is one of my favorite people in the world.

I feel a bit bad that my dad didn’t get to go the memorial service, but, well, not that bad.

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