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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Most Emo Post Ever

Sneakers, my ex’s cat, who was also my cat for a long time (and I still consider my cat, even though I don’t live with her) is sick. Very sick. She’s had kidney disease for the past several years, and it has progressed to End stage in the past couple of months. In the past two weeks she has degraded greatly. She also has arthritis in her spine, and she has a hard time walking. Pretty much all she’s been doing is eating and sleeping, but she was getting some joy from going outside and sitting in the sun.

Erin talked to the vet yesterday, and they decided that Sneaker’s quality of life was just not there anymore. Emotionally, I want to think this is not true, that there are still things she enjoys, but logically, I know that it’s not really true. Besides, she has a hard time walking without being drugged up on kitty narcotics. At this point, prolonging the inevitable would be more for us than for Sneakers. So we’ve decided to bring her in to be put to sleep this afternoon.

I stayed over at Erin’s last night, so I could spend as much time as possible with her. I bought her some raspberries, one of her favorite foods, and she enjoyed some of those last night. But I can also tell that there is a definite lack of spark there. She’s still Sneakers, but she’s missing the vibrancy that was always a key part of her cat personality.

Even though I haven’t lived with her for the past two years, I felt happy knowing she was around, and that I could see her on occasion. I am going to miss her a lot.

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