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Friday, December 2, 2011

Weird Day

Today was my last day at the Job that I’ve had for the past 8 years. Well sort of, in that the company name was different (as we were acquired by Cisco 4 and a half years ago), and my position was slightly different – but things were probably more similar than not, even to this day. But sometimes, one needs a change, and I guess it was that time for me.

I’m starting a new job, at a small place – the smallest place I’ve ever worked at – on Monday. There will only be three of us here in the Bay Area, but there are more in Portland and elsewhere. IronPort was fairly small at around 100 people when I joined in 2003, and grew many times over before we were bought by Cisco, which was two orders of magnitude bigger. I miss working for a small company.

Still, leaving today – handing in my badge and laptop was weird. Saying farewell (not goodbye, I hope) to my coworkers of eight years was, well, awkward and sad. But, like I said, I guess it was time for me, so I’ll get over it. And I’m really excited to get started at the new place on Monday (which, for the near future, will be located in my dining room, as they are still negotiating a lease for a SF office).

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