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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Case of the Leaky Basement

Doesn’t this sound like an Encyclopedia Brown mystery. Well, I bet the smartest boy in the world could solve this problem lickety split, but I’m currently waiting on the guy who did some ‘pest work’ when we bought this old house in July (rebuilt a side deck, capped the foundation to rise over grade in one corner, bolted rear of frame to foundation) to come take a look at a minor leak situation in the basement.

This happened once before in my tenure living here (but I was out of town, and only heard about it from the downstairs neighbor), but this time I can see from myself. There is a good half cup of water accumulated in the front of the basement, suspiciously close to where there are cutouts in the siding and where the electric boxes are. This second time there was also a second, smaller intrusion in the back part of the basement, also near some cutouts.

Hopefully it correlates to my suspicion and it’s a leak around a cutout, so it will be easy to fix. Hopefully…

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