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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What’s a Pantry?

Even though I enjoy cooking, one thing I don’t really like is grocery shopping – at least in a planned sort of way. I am very ad hoc when I go grocery shopping, I rarely make a list, and if I do it’s just the 2 or 3 items I need to make some particular recipe. Now that I have room in my pantry, and a desire to cook MORE food at home, I have to change these ways. To this end, I need to assemble a must have list of shelf stable items. But how?

I bought America’s Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2010 earlier this year, and I’ve been very pleased by the book. One of the nice features, besides recipes scaled down from the normal 4-6 servings you find, is that it has a section in the front for recipes that use left over portions of items (mostly canned goods) use din other recipes. I figure I’ll start by getting the items covered in that section, but then, what to get?

Do you fill your pantry with dependable foods that you use often? If so, what are your top few pantry items that you always have on hand?

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